2014-2018 Master of Education at University of fine Art in Muenster/Germany
2015 champions alumni at University of fine Art in Muenster/Germany
2014 Diploma of fine Arts at University of fine Arts Braunschweig/Germany
2013-2014 exchange, LUCA/ Belgium
2011-2012 Research journey to Australia and New Zealand
2010 exchange, Akademia Sztuk Pieknich in Krakau/Poland
2007-2013 Bachelor of Arts at University of fine Arts Braunschweig/Germany


2018 Angelika Rauf – Keramik & Zeichnung at Produzentengalereie SO 66, Muenster/Germany
2017 Between the lines, Kunsthalle at Hawerkamp, Muenster/Germany
2017 Physische Zeichnungen, Zeche Unser Fritz 2/3, Herne/Germany
2017 Miura-Ori, galerie januar Verein zur Förderung junger Kunst e.V., Bochum/Germany
2014 Orbit, Homework Gallery, Muenster/Germany


2018 Förderpreisausstellung from the friends of Kunstakademie Muenster, Kunsthalle, Muenster/Germany
2018-19 Ceramic Price 2018, Frechener Cultural Foundation, Frechen/Germany
2018 oh glory – the non exhibition, P.S. Raum, Muenster/Germany
2017 Akademie [Arbeitstitel], Kunsthalle Duesseldorf, Duesseldorf/Germany
2017 Color de espacio, in cooperation with Esay/Merida, Fundación Gruber Jez and Kunstakademie Muenster, Merida/Mexico
2015-16 Ceramic Price 2015 ,Frechener Cultural Foundation, Frechen/Germany
2015 Exibition Group 5, Civic Center in Onishi/Fujioka Japan
2015 Wild und Sanft, WGZ-Bank, Duesseldorf/Germany
2013 Drawing – Working Class of Experimental Drawing of Braunschweig at Leuphana University, Lueneburg/Germany
2011 Memento, in cooperation with Aki, Enschede/Netherlands
2011 Mit Alles, Gallery vom Zufall und vom Glück, Hannover/Germany
2010 Vernissage, Montage, Finissage, Exhibition in the assembly hall, University of fine Arts Braunschweig/Germany


2018-2019 Studio scholarchip at Ateliergemeinschaft Schulstraße e.V. Muenster/Germany
2017 Artist in residency at NES in Skagaströnd/Iceland
2017 Project with Esay/Merida, Fundadión Gruber Jez and University of fine Art in Muenster in Merida/Mexico
2017 practical training at Sculpture Projects Muenster/Germany
2017 Project: Tatort Muenster – „Gott ist auch nur ein Mensch“ with Molina Film GmbH & Co. KG
2016-2017 Studio scholarship at Hawerkamp 31 e.V. Muenster/Germany
2015 DAAD Promos-scholarship Onishi/Fujioka/Japan
2013-14 Erasmus scholarship Gent/Belgium
2010 DAAD Go-East-scholarship Krakau/Poland


2018 Nomination Ceramic Price Frechen
2017 Price Young Positions NRW
2015 Nomination Ceramic Price Frechen